Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

For your organization, it is absolutely critical to maintain operations 24×7, 365 days a year. It could be catastrophic to revenue, reputation, customer satifaction and investor confidence if there were an event that took your operations offline for even a small period of time. Disaster recovery, backup and archive operations have been a critical part of the IT on-premise datacenter hosted infrastucture and applications for some time now. The next step is to extend those same operations to the cloud. 


IOficient's strategy and planning aims to cover three main areas Prevention, Anticipation, and Mitigation. Prevention is the act of avoiding those disasters that can be prevented. Anticipation is to plan and develop adequate measures to counter unavoidable disasters. Mitigation is to effectively manage the disasters, and thereby minimize the negative impact.


The objectives of IOficient's DR strategy and planning are:

  • Assess and reduce overall risk

  • Prioritize processes and operations (RTO & RPO)

  • Data collection

  • Developing prescriptive techniques and procedures for AWS based applications and components

  • Develop a DR plan that includes runbooks/blueprints

  • Constitute a DR Team

  • DR plan testing

  • Data backup planning

  • DR scenarios

The benefits of IOficient's well-planned DR protocol:


  • Minimize disruption to business operations

  • Minimize lost revenue

  • Avoid SLA penalties

  • Avoid loss of potential or current customers

  • Limit damage to quality reputation and dependability

  • Alleviate owner, investor, customer concerns

  • Safeguard data

  • Provide an orderly recovery process, reducing risk from “panic” decision making

  • Maintain and/or quickly resume mission-critical functions 

  • Align with compliance and customer requirements

  • Ensure an acceptable level of security

  • Minimize legal or regulatory liabilities