Cost Optimization

IOficient optimizes costs through continual processes of assessment of cloud resources over their entire lifecycle. Organizations should adopt the IOficient's best practices to build and operate cost effective systems that achieve business outcomes while minimizing costs. This allows your organization to maximize its ROI.


A cost-optimized system will utilize 100% of it's resources to achieve an outcome for the lowest possible price and meet all functional requirements. IOficient will provide guidance for designing workloads, selecting services, configuring and operating the services while applying cost optimization levers.

IOficient will help your organization to evaluate trade-offs. For instance, do you optimize for speed-to-market or for cost?? In some cases, it’s best to optimize for speed to go to market quickly, ship new features or simply meeting a deadline rather than investing in up-front cost optimization.


Investing in a cost optimization strategy early on allows you to realize the economic benefits of the cloud and develop a lean cost culture. Your organization can more readily ensure a consistent adherence to best practices and avoiding unnecessary wasted, over provisioning and expense.