Digital Transformation

Plan & Design > Build & Migrate > Run & Operate > Optimize

IOficient's Digital Transformation framework helps customers understand their challenges and analyze the innovative opportunities for growth with cloud technology strategies that align the organization and IT for the most value.

There are many reasons for migrating to the cloud. Organizations are migrating to the cloud to increase the productivity of their workforce. Others are looking to consolidate data centers, minimize costly infrastructure sprawl, and modernize legacy applications that lost value over time. Additionally, visionary organizations are re-imagining their missions by upgrading to cloud-only technologies that drive digital transformation.

This modernization process reveals cost reduction opportunities and facilitates growth opportunities. The demand for cloud resources is driven by mandates:


  • Cost avoidance by eliminating costly hardware purchases and refresh programs.

  • Slashing operational costs through automation to minimize the amount of time spent on low value add objectives which clears the way for projects that really move the needle.

  • Cloud increases workforce productivity by orders of magnitude. No longer do you wait for IT resources by eliminating long procurement processes. Users have access to on demand resources without building and maintaining data centers.

  • An organization can immediately reduce its risk profile and risk mitigation costs by replicating resources hosted in multiple locations around the worldwide.

  • Improve operational agility which allows your organization to respond to market conditions with more speed through activities such as instant access to resources and data insights. This enables real time decision making and swift pivoting for organizations.