Journey To The Cloud

Every organization’s journey to the cloud is unique. IOficient will guide the planning and execution to ensure your organization's cloud adoption is a success. There must be an understanding of your organization’s current state, the vision for the desired state, and the evolutionary changes necessary to achieve your objectives. Knowing this will help you set goals and create operations that will enable workers to flourish in the cloud.

Engaging stakeholders across the organization, from software architects to the C-suite executives, will create transparency and awareness of the journey. Through this discovery phase, IOficient will help to identify capability gaps in terms of cloud computing skills, define necessary processes, and identify interdependencies between processes. Knowing process dependencies enables you to optimize collaboration. IOficient provides the structure to discover what organizational skills you need to update and how to modify existing processes and introduce new ones.

In a journey to the cloud, stakeholders need to engage and actively own organizational and operational change for their area.

By collaborating cross-functionally across teams to automate a number of manual and repetitive processes such software builds and deployments and infrastructure modifications. This will make your organization more agile and efficient. IOficient is able to identify how technology development and operations teams can become more closely integrated, and by doing so, optimize organizational results in your cloud environment.